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Czextruder shapes polymer clay by forcing clay through an LC Disk. It comes with a hex-end extension for a cordless drill which makes work easier.


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Why you'll love it

Czextruder is the most reliable extruder on the market. It was designed by polymer clay artists in cooperation with engineers, that is why Czextruder is the best tool for extruding polymer clay.

main features

Easy extruding with a cordless-drill extension for work with a cordless drill.

LC Verti-Vise (included in Czextruder Hex set, can be ordered separately) will allow you to steadily fix the Czextruder on the table.

A wide range of extensions - LC Disks (order separately).


 & video manuals

Read a manual to learn how to use your Czextruder. With video guides for better understanding.




What is Czextruder made of?

Handle, barrel, hex interface and front cap made from stainless steel, the upper cup made from brass, a trapezoidal rod is blackened steel.


How big is it?

Dimensions: 7.87 in x 0.9 in x 0.9 in (20 cm x 2.3 cm x 2.3 cm)


Why is it much more expensive than other clay extruders?

It is very robust and steady. It will not get broken or become worn out like some other cheap aluminium models. If you use it correctly, it will serve you for many years. It is made of high-quality stainless steel with a big threaded rod that is almost impossible to break. It is an investment in your future that is worth every cent.


What is inside the box of LC Czextruder?

• Czextruder HD XXL (20cm) with handle and adapter for a cordless drill

• Cylinder with spare o-rings 2pcs

• LC Lubricant

• LC Brush


Can I use it with a cordless drill?

Yes, LC Czextruder can be used with a cordless drill. Hex adapter for a cordless drill is included in the package. For Demo Czextruder you have to order the adapter separately.


Is it hard to spin the handle manually?

It is actually pretty easy to spin the handle manually thanks to a special trapezoid thread bar. The handle is big and very practical to hold and turn.


Can I fix it on my working table, so that I do not have to hold it with my hands?

Yes, you may fix LC Czextruder to your workplace using LC Verti-Vise. It is a holder for LC Czextruder, designed by Lucy Clay. LC Verti-Vise is sold separately or may be purchased in a set together with a Czextruder (Hex). Czextruder (Hex) does not include handle, only the hex adapter for cordless drill is included.


What discs (extensions) can I use with Czextruder?

LC Czextruder is compatible with most extruder extensions, available on the market. Nevertheless, for the best result, we strongly recommend using LC Disks by Lucy Clay - the original disks designed for Czextruder. They are available on Amazon and offer dozens of different shapes and limitless possibilities for your clay projects.


Are LC Disks (extensions) included in the package?

No, LC Disks are not included in the Czextruder package. You can choose the disks you like and buy them separately.


Do you have smaller extruders?

LC Czextruder comes only in one size.


I saw a white Czextruder on the internet, is it available?

There were several generations of LC Czextruders, at the moment, only the newest generation LC Czextruder Stainless Steel is available for purchase.


Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, Lucy Clay offers 12-month warranty on LC Czextruder.


Where can I buy LC Czextruder, LC Verti-Vise and LC Disks?

It is available on Lucy Clay Store, Amazon USA (LC Disks only) and at Sales partners.


I have another question. Where can I ask my question?

Please, address your question to


"I love my LC Czextruder and use it all the time! It is easy to use and made from high quality materials so I know it will last for years to come. Thank you for creating amazing tools for clay makers!"

Kelsey Wiseman,

"The LC extruder is an incredible step up from the previous brands that I’ve tried. Smooth like butter!”

- Shistine, _shistine

"I love my L C Czextruder. It makes light work of the dozens of small plugs of coloured clay I need to extrude for my polymer paintings and is a joy to use. No more blisters and sore hands, just easy extruding."

- Fiona Abel-Smith,

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