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Top sellers

  • Spare LC Slicer Blade
    Spare LC Slicer Blade

    Spare blade for LC Slicer, made from stainless steel. Length 20 cm,...

    549.00CZK Tax excluded
  • LC lubricant
    LC lubricant

    The grease containing PTFE suitable for the extruder's threads extending...

    220.00CZK Tax excluded
  • LC minislicer usa
    LC Minislicer

    LC Minislicer is a tool designed for cutting or slicing polymer clay....

    2'198.00CZK Tax excluded
  • LC Stencils (Sets)
    LC Stencils (Sets)

    Brand new stencils for easy making of wonderful patterns from polymer...

    220.00CZK Tax excluded

New products

  • Czextruder - Upper cap
    Czextruder - Upper cap

    The new user-friendly Czextruder Cap allows you to effortlessly loosen...

    440.00CZK Tax excluded