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LC Microstencils are thin patterns made of heat-resistant cardboard which you can integrate into 3D project, you can draw on it a simple color plan using LC GLASSYMER, fill the empty gaps with different colors. These stencils are heat-resistant and were designed for a very efficient, yet simple decorating of polymer clay.

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Heat-resistant - patterns can be cured in an oven with polymer clay.

Can be used only once (integrated into a project) or reused several times times.

May be rolled, cut, glued, painted, backed.

Can be used in dozens of different projects - from making impressions and backfilling to creating complex 3D pieces with stained glass technique.

Dozens of different patterns available for every taste.

Material: Heat resistant cardboard. Paper pattern weight 250g/m2.

Panel size 80 mm (3.12” x 3.12”) Pattern size 35 mm (1.37” x 1.37”)

Use LC Microstencils as stamps for polymer clay, they make a very clear and precise impression. After baking, those impressions can be, for example, backfilled.


Use color liquid clay (like LC Glassymer) to make beautiful stained glass projects.


Use LC Microstencils to make 3D projects - roll them in tubes, make cubes and polygons.


Cover LC Microstencils with LC Glassymer to protect it and utilise for your jewel projects.

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