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Polymer clay pasta machine by Lucy Clay


 The first roller machine developed for polymer clay. It is the best “pasta” machine for polymer clay if you need to knead or condition clay and make thin sheets. With a magnetic clamping system - no need clamps anymore!



LC Baby Squirrel




2 years warranty


shipped in 1-4 weeks


You purchase the machine by paying the full amount, in 1-4 weeks it is shipped to your address.

LC Squirrel
with Reservation


$699 + $1 reservation fee


2 years warranty


1-6 weeks gathering reservation + 3-6 weeks production time


You reserve the machine for $1 (non-refundable) and wait for approx. 1-6 weeks until 100 reservations are gathered. When 100 reservations are gathered, you receive an email with the link, where you may purchase the Machine. After the purchase, the production of the Machine starts and lasts 3-6 weeks. In 3-6 weeks, the machine is shipped to your address.

LC Squirrel
installment plan


$699 ($399 + $300)


2 years warranty


shipped in 3 weeks after the first installment


You pay the first installment $399. The next business day, starts the production of your machine and lasts approx. 3 weeks. When the machine is ready, you are asked to pay the second installment $300 and the Machine is shipped. If meanwhile you change your mind and decided to not purchase the Machine, the first installment may only be returned as a voucher in value $399, which may be used in Lucy Clay Store.



LC Squirrel




2 years warranty


shipped in 2-4 business days


After you make a purchase by paying the full amount, the  Machine is produced manually specifically for you with highest priority and shipped in 2-4 business days after purchase.

Why you'll love it

LC Machine is a high-end pasta machine created for work with polymer clay. LC Machine was designed in cooperation with engineers and polymer clay artists. That is why LC Machine is handy and easy to use, and, at the same time, very efficient.

main features

Stainless steel rollers - ensure even longer lifetime. The gap between rollers from 0 up to 18 mm (0.7”) allows you to condition the whole block of clay.


Upgraded cleaning blades are even easier to remove and clean.


Stainless steel handle and well-engineered gears (gear ratio 2:1) allow smooth and effortless turning by the handle.

Wide adjuster - a new feature for LC Machine (Squirrel 20 only, order separately). Width adjuster prevents the clay from expanding to the sides. They allow you to set the width and thickness of the clay sheet or divide the rollers into 2 halves, so you can condition 2 colors separately.



Stainless steel rollers ensure even longer lifetime.

Longer linear sliders extend the gap between the rollers to up to 18 mm (0.7”).

Upgraded cleaning blades
are even easier to remove and clean.

Upgraded Oldham clutch Now is made of metal and is even more robust.

Stainless steel handle easy to crank.

Strong magnets allow to effortless attach and detach the Machine off the table.

10 metal bearings

allow effortless and smooth cranking.

The gap between rollers from 0 up to 18mm (0.7”) allows you to condition the whole block of clay.

Well-engineered gears allow smooth and effortless turning by the handle.

High-end materials and robust construction ensure reliability and extended lifetime.

It can be placed anywhere on your desk/work table (Squirrel 20 only).

The machine is equipped with a hexagonal adapter and might be used with a cordless drill.


Squirrel 20

Baby Squirrel 15

Rollers length

20 cm / 7.9''

15 cm / 5.9''

The gap between the rollers

0 - 1.8 cm / 0.7''

0 - 1.8 cm / 0.7''

Length (without handle)

37 cm / 14.5''

32 cm / 12.5''

Width = width of the leg

21 cm / 8.3''

18 cm / 7''

Height = height of the leg

26.5 cm / 10.5''

20.5 cm / 8''

Space under the rollers

15.5 cm / 6''

9.5 cm / 3.8''








position on the worktable

LC Machine Squirrel 20 can be placed anywhere on the table.

LC Machine Baby Squirrel 15 can be placed anywhere on the edge of the table.


 & video manuals

Instruction for use for LC Machine - read a manual to learn how to assemble, use and take proper care of your LC Machine. With video guides for better understanding.




What is LC Machine?

LC machine is a high-end “pasta” machine designed for conditioning polymer clay. LC Machine was designed in cooperation with engineers and polymer clay community, that is why it is well-engineered and user-friendly. LC Machine meets even the highest expectation of polymer clay artists and can be helpful for clayers with special needs.


Where can I buy Mammoth and Elephant model?

Mammoth and Elephant models are out of production, but you may order LC Squirrel on Lucy Clay Store.


How much does LC Machine cost?

You may find current prices at Lucy Clay Store.


How much does Expedited Shipping of LC Machine cost?

The shipping cost depends on the country and the postal address. Approximate shipping cost within Europe is 20 USD, to the USA 35 USD, to Australia 80 USD. You may learn more about shipping costs in Lucy Clay Store.


What is the difference between Squirrel and Baby Squirrel models?

The main difference is the size, please click here to find the specification.


What is the difference between Mammoth and Squirrel models?

Firstly, the Mammoth model is out of production. LC Squirrel has similar features to LC Mammoth, but it has slightly shorter rollers: LC Mammoth rollers were 25 cm / 9.84″, LC Squirrel rollers are 20 cm / 7.87″.

LC Squirrel model 2020 has a bigger gap between rollers (18mm/0.7″) than LC Mammoth (12 mm / 0.47″).


 How will the LC Machine be packed? Will there be assembly after unboxing?

Our goal is for you to have as little assembly as possible. Currently, we are offering a party assembled LC Squirrel. Please watch the unboxing and assembling video.


Can I rotate the Machine using a cordless drill?

You may rotate the LC Machine using a cordless drill on your own risk. The drill shall be connected via a hexagonal adapter (included in the package). The LC Machine requires approximately 280 – 350 rpm (Rotations Per Minute). Please check the technical specifications of your drill to make sure that you don’t surpass the maximum rotation speed of 350 rpm. SAFETY FIRST!


What are “cleaner blades”? Will they be included in a package?

Cleaner Blades are long white plastic parts that prevent a sheet of polymer clay from spooling onto the roller.

As you know, a bit of polymer clay is usually left on pasta machine blades, so it is necessary to clean the blades every now and then. Otherwise, those leftovers will stick to the next sheet. You can easily remove and clean the blades of the LC Machine. Please watch the video on how to install the Cleaner Blades.

A pair of Cleaner Blades is included in a package.


When/How to clean the cleaner blades?

During use, clean the cleaner blades from time to time and whenever needed. Please watch the video on how to install the Cleaner Blades.


How will the LC Machine be secured to the work surface?

The base of the LC Machine will be equipped with 4 special strong magnets. You will attach the metal magnet pads to your table with double-sided tape, which is included in the package. Alternatively, you can screw the metal magnet pads to your table.

Once your work is done, you can easily detach your LC Machine from the magnetic pads with one movement.

A final option is to place the LC Machine on the edge of the work surface and secure it using C-clamps. C-clamps are sold at hobby stores and hardware stores. They are not included in the package of LC Machine because we don’t want to sell you something you don’t need or already have.


 What are the supporting bolts for?

The gap is set by big knob/wheel located on backside. Two supporting screws prevent the roller frame from sagging under pressure. Thanks to this you can set up the gap up to 18 mm.

Please watch the video which shows how to turn the knob and supporting wheels.


 Is there a warranty on LC Machine?

Lucy Clay offers a 2-year warranty on the Machine bought at Lucy Clay Store and a 1-year warranty on cleaner blades.


How to proceed if my LC Machine was delivered damaged?

Never accept a parcel that is crushed, damaged or has been left open without asking a report from the postman/delivery service. If you receive it damaged, please inform us directly at before sharing it on the Internet.


How / Where to complain?

If you are having any trouble with your LC Machine, feel free to contact us at If possible, attach a photo / video documentation.


What is the VIP Club? How to join the VIP Club?

The LC VIP Club is a membership-based club for our savviest customers. Members will have access to exclusive offers and discounts. If you own a Lucy Clay Machine, please register your device using LC Machine Warranty Card and join the Facebook group LC Machine owners and you will automatically become a member of the VIP Club.


If you did not find the answer to your question, please address it to


LC Machine reviews

"So happy that I have this machine! Thank You for creating such an amazing product."

-  Daiva Malakė, malakedesign

"It’s really such a fabulous machine! I love it."

-  Sheree McCready, Pollycollective

"I'm so enjoying your equipment! I've been working with it for a while, it's changed my life! Lol what a time saver and precise."



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Rollers length

The gap between the rollers

Length (without handle)

Width= width of the leg

Height = height of the leg

Space under the rollers