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LC Machine: Squirrel is now sold out, and we have discontinued its production. However, don't worry, as LC Machine: Elephant 2.0 is still available for purchase.

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Adjustable gaps between rollers (0.5-18mm) allow conditioning an entire bar of the polymer clay. The Machine is equipped with a hexagonal adapter and can be used with a cordless drill. A magnetic clamping solution allows you to fix the Machine on a desk.

This model combines the best features from both the Mammoth as well as the Elephant machines. You can place LCM anywhere on your desk and lock it in place thanks to the magnetic clamping solution. 

LC Machine 2020 main features:

  • Stainless steel rollers - ensure an even longer lifetime

  • Longer linear sliders - extend the gap between the rollers up to 18 mm (0.7”), which allows you to condition the whole block of clay.

  • Upgraded cleaning blades - even easier to remove and clean.

  • Upgraded Oldham clutch - now made of metal and is even more robust.

  • Stainless steel handle - easy to crank. 

  • Strong magnets allow you to effortlessly attach and detach the Machine off the table.

  • 10 metal bearings allow for effortless and smooth cranking.

  • The machine can be placed anywhere on your desk/work table.

  • The machine is equipped with a hexagonal adapter and can be used with a cordless drill.

  • High-end materials and robust construction ensure reliability and an extended lifetime.

LC Tools products are made from high-quality materials which are subject to continuous quality control. They come with a 2-year warranty (a 1-year warranty for cleaner blades). The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper handling and manipulation which is inconsistent with the instructions specified in the product manual.


    LC Machine: Squirrel 20 3D model on Sketchfab

    Technical Specifications:

    • Min/max gap thickness of clay plate 0,5mm to 18mm.
    • Position in the workplace: anywhere on the desk.
    • Material: aluminum frame, plastic covers, stainless steel rollers
    • Runout of the rollers up to 0.3mm/0.012″
    • Instructions for use: click here

    The package contains:

    • LC Machine (1pc)
    • Cleaner Blades (2pc)
    • Crank handle (1pc)
    • Hex-end extension (Cordless drill adapter) (1pc)
    • Rest pads for Lucy Clay Machine (4pcs)
    • Double-sided tape (1pc)
    • LC Lubricant
    • LC Machine ruler (1pc)

    Shipping and packaging:

    LCM Squirrel is packed in one cardboard box, dismantled in 3 main parts (baseboard, machine, leg/support plus necessary screws). It is very easy to put it all together with only 12 small screws in a few minutes. Watch the video below.

    • Have a question? Read the FAQ section here.

    • Visit the Product webpage for LC Machine here.

    • Watch LC Machine videos here.

    • Watch LC Machine video instructions here.

    LC Machine (Squirrel 20) in the Action

    Video assembling LC Machine Squirrel 20

    Video unboxing LC Machine Squirrel 20

    LC Machine: Adjusting the offset between the rollers

    Installation of the Cleaner Blades

    Width Adjuster for LC Machine Squirrel (NOT included  - order here separately!)

    LC Machine: Applying LC Machine ruler

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    LC Machine: Squirrel is now sold out, and we have discontinued its production. However, don't worry, as LC Machine: Elephant 2.0 is still available for purchase.

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