Ideas for LC Czextruder - the best tools for the polymer clay

There are thousands of possibilities you can do with this clever and sturdy tool. It’s not only about making canes with different patterns but there are many others like for example bangles bases made of scrap clay. Let’s have a look.  

Are you fascinated by these strings in tropical skinner blend? Just take some canes in the rainbow colours and press them through the Czextruder with small holes disk. You can use these strings for knitting technique or make simple spirals for any kind of decoration.

It was never easy to make a pattern with a gradient in each piece of the puzzle. Now all you have to do is to prepare a skinner blend canes, in this case from one colour to the white, and press it throws the Czextruder with a puzzle shape disk. Then cut all strings with a blade to small slices of the same size and compose the pattern.

Bubble bangles

Every clayer has a lot of scrap clay, which can be used as a base for bangles of any shape using LC Disk. Then you can easily cover the base by the decoration of your choice like a tiny polka dots polymer pattern. Watch more in Lucy’s video tutorial where you can find a step by step instructions on how to make these Bubble bangles.

Patterns from LC Disk 14

Have a look on a brand new video full of inspiration for making polymer clay canes made with Czextruder and LC Disk 14. New patterns and new possibilities.

Triangle pattern

Are you interested in this triangle pattern? You can easily make your own with using a triangular and round disc. In the end, you can use this simple design for any jewel or product. For example for these cute brooches.

Read how to make it at Lucy Struncova's blog: CLICK HERE

The article was published in the Polymer Week magazine. To learn more about the magazine CLICK HERE

Author: Lucy Struncova.

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